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Time To Change the World

New Changes Are On There Way!


Ever heard of Amber Technology? Believe it or not they sell natural health care products for pets. For over 20 years they have helped animals all over the world with natural Animal Health Supplements. From the early stages of the company where they were supporting sick puppies through parvo to the present 2018, where they are dedicated to helping all animals stay healthy and strong by giving them the BEST nature has to offer. This friendly, family owned and operated company is now ready to take off their training wheels and make some amazing new changes.

For the last four years our lead sales director Bill Bergner and one of Amber Technology’s Partners and co-founders Jenny Estrada, have been interviewing customer and resellers at various events like Super Zoo or Denver Pet Expo, asking them what their first impression of Amber Technology was. And the responses were all the same. Amber Technology, do they make technology? Do they do digital tracking? Do they create technology for vets? Do they make digital devices for animals? These were just some of the responses they received. And both realized that if they were to move this company foreword something had to be done.

They always knew the word “Technology”  never fit the company. That was because back in 1997 they were originally going to be a computer company. That was until one of the founders and CEO Cindy Vankomen’s puppy became violently ill with parvo. And like any responsible owner she took her puppy to the vet and was told the devastating news. The dog wouldn’t make it through the night.

Not only was her dog a part of the family but she now had to explain to her six year old daughter why her new puppy was going to die. No matter how much Cindy wanted to be strong for her children she just couldn’t bear the idea of telling her kids their new puppy was going to die, not without doing everything in her power to help the dog. Without any medical avenue to take she she called her Mom.

Pat Griffiths was a practicing self taught herbalist who had been using herbs for well over a decade when she received a phone call from her daughter Cindy. Knowing that time was an issue Pat went to work. And After reading up on how the virus spreads and how it effects the body, she created the first bottle of Parvaid (now Paxxin) this small 1oz bottle was going to support all the normal functions of the dog and keep its immune system steady and hopefully help the dog survive. With the bottle in hand Cindy administered the product through the night. And when the morning came the dog was alert and even drinking on its own, to her own dismay the dog was alive. And she knew that doing computers was no longer an option. Amber Technology was now going to make your animals health their concern!

But now twenty years later the word Technology does not fit our company scope. Nor does it refer to the way we do business on a day to day basis or properly represent our products and how they are made. So after hearing the responses from our customers and our resellers, we have decided to change our name to reflect what we do and what our products do. So say good bye to Amber Technology and give a hearty hello to Amber Naturalz.

In the summer of 2018 Amber Technology, LLC was official dissolved and replaced with Amber Natrualz, Inc. We were warned by many that a name change could ruin us, but we also knew that our current name was holding us back and making it hard for our resellers to explain what we do and how we help animals.

As some of you are aware we are changing our name to Amber Naturalz and we are going from an LLC to Corporation. But don’t panic, going corporate only means that we now get to serve you the way we always wanted but couldn’t.  Now we can do things like change our name to better suit your needs. Oh and did we mention we are making a new website? Well chances are if you are reading this article its on our new and improved website.

See the old website was great and did what we needed it to back in 2014. But unfortunately it would take up to 12 seconds to even load 1 page… that’s like a million years in waiting. And who has a million years to wait?! We know you don’t. So here are the complicated things we did to make your life easier. First things first, we switched from Hostgator to Pantheon.oi.  Hostgator is great for startups and it worked really well back in the stone ages, but now its server time was like a bloated.