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PAXAID For Puppies

Digestive Rescue Since 1997

247 Reviews

List Price: $42.97

List Price: $42.97

PAXAID - A Safe And Affordable Digestive Rescue For Puppies & Adult Dogs!

Paxxin Digestive Rescue – Adds Extra Support to Dogs & Puppies Experiencing Occasional Gastric Distress (diarrhea, nausea  & vomiting).


What Does PAXAID Do?

Paxaid is known for its popularity online as a clean alternative to occasional digestive upsets. Paxaid may provide a natural way to support digestion, occasional diarrhea, vomiting and upset stomach. If your pet has any of these issue Paxaid may be the answer you are looking for.   

Amber NaturalZ, Inc.  goal was to provide our pets with a healthy alternative that didn’t contain all the nasty chemicals and side effects  from traditional drugs. We wanted a solution that will bolster and enhance health without the risk of hurting our loved ones. And that is why PAXAID has been growing in popularity; people want a healthy alternative, they want to ditch the un-natural chemicals for a more natural healthier product. 

PAXAID-Digestive Rescue may add extra support to dogs & puppies experiencing occasional gastric distress (diarrhea, nausea  & vomiting).

What are some of the benefits of PAXAID?

Promotes Appetite

Paxaid is made with peppermint and spearmint which are known for settling the occasional stomach upsets and promoting appetite.

Promotes Vitality

Herbs that help the body with stamina and renewed vitality (i.e. life, energy, and spirit). Vitality helps the puppy feel like their normal everyday self.

Digestive Upset Support

The digestion system is responsible for a good portion of our immune response to foreign substances. Paxaid is made with echinacea, goldenseal, rosehips and more to support gut immunity in puppies and adult dogs.

How Does PAXAID Help My Puppy?

Unlike most digestive supplements PAXAID  helps supports the digestive system by assisting various key functions like the stomach, small intestine, large intestine, and anus. Our goal was to create a product that not only supports your canines digestive tract but helps puppies & adult dogs have a natural alternative to digestive upsets. 

Paxaid was designed for dogs experiencing occasional gastric distress. Gastric distress is a group of disorders that are associated with occasional symptoms of constipation, bloating, reflux, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and cramping. Although PAXAID supports normal digestion,  Amber NaturalZ, Inc. always recommends  seeking the advice of a veterinarian in cases of emergencies.   


We Know What Your Puppy Needs!

Real Super Ingredients That your Puppy or canine needs for good digestion!

Colloidal Silver

Origin: USA

Charged silver ions act as immune support to help the body fight off foreign substances found in our everyday environments like air, dirt, or dust that get absorbed through the skin and airways.

Chamomile Flowers

Origin: Croatia

Known for its calming effect on the body, this flower aids and supports the stomach, digestion, and bowels.


Origin: Croatia

Supports healthy appetite, digestion and may help with occasional body discomforts due to change in seasons.

Plantain Leaf

Origin: Croatia

Great for the gut, Plantain has the ability to support normal digestion and bowel health. Plantain also helps regulate the inflammatory response in the gastric system.

Rosehip Fruit

Origin: Chile

High in Vitamin C and antioxidants, Rosehips helps to deactivate free radicals and promote a healthy immune system.


Origin: USA

Promotes immune health and aids in the flow of lymph throughout the lymphatic system supporting the body’s natural ability to dispose of waste. This action makes it ideal for puppies.


Origin: USA

Small amounts of garlic is not toxic to dogs like the amount found in Paxaid. And it contains many sulfur compounds which detoxify the body, support the immune system, and improves circulation.

Goldenseal Root

Origin: USA

Promotes the actions of other herbal immune properties, as well as help support digestion and liver functions, and normalize stomach activity. (We NEVER use Goldenseal Root powder)

Oregon Grape Root

Origin: USA

Supports the immune system, liver, and the bowels to aid the body’s natural ability to remove waste product from the blood.

Peppermint Leaf

Origin: USA

Is known for its ability to help calm the digestion tract, the mint leaf has also been used for thousands of years in aiding indigestion and occasional stomach upsets.

Spearmint Leaf

Origin: USA

“Same as Peppermint”

Hibisucs Flower

Origin: Egypt

Promotes digestion, immune functions, and maintains a healthy inflammatory response.



Digestive Rescue Since 1997

247 Reviews

List Price: $42.97

List Price: $42.97

PAXAID - A Safe And Affordable Digestive Rescue For Dogs & Puppies

Paxxin Digestive Rescue – Adds Extra Support to Dogs & Puppies Experiencing Occasional Gastric Distress (diarrhea, nausea  & vomiting).


Customer questions & answers

There is a proprietary blend of (Colloidal Silver, Organic Chamomile flowers, Organic Yarrow, Organic Plantain Leaf) 98 mg, Organic Rosehips 19 mg, Organic Echinacea 12 mg, Organic Garlic 12 mg, Organic Goldenseal Root 12 mg, Wildcrafted Oregon Grape Root 11 mg, Organic Peppermint Leaf 8 mg, Organic Spearmint Leaf 8 mg, Organic Hibiscus Flowers 5 mg. Filtered Water, Organic Grain Alcohol USP 17-23 % by Volume.  | Amber NaturalZ, Inc.

Yes. All our products include a plastic safety seal connecting the lid to the bottle. If your product does not have a safety seal we highly recommend that you return it to the place you purchased it.  | Amber NaturalZ Inc.

Small amounts of garlic are not toxic to dogs like the amount found in PAXXIN. Garlic contains many sulfur compounds which were found to help the body in detoxing, supporting the immune system, and improving circulation. | Amber NaturalZ, Inc.

Paxxin will ship from our facility within a day, however we are closed Saturday & Sunday.
| By Amber NaturalZ, Inc. 

The shelf life of PAXXIN Digestive Rescue is 4 years from the manufacturing date. | Amber NaturalZ, Inc.

For maximum benefit we recommend that the product be given in its full strength (undiluted) directly in the mouth. However, if your pet is having difficulty taking PAXXIN you can add it to a treat, beef broth (or any broth) or a small amount of probiotic yogurt.| By Amber NaturalZ, Inc.

The reason we use alcohol is a twofold process, the alcohol is a far more superior way to extract the herbal properties from the plants during the tincturing process, allowing for a more potent product. And from there we dilute the product to safe levels of consumption for animals, bottle it, and then once consumed alcohol is quickly absorbed through the blood stream allowing the herbal properties to get into the blood quickly and effectively so the product can start working right away.  by AmberNaturalZ, Inc | November 4th, 2019

Paxxin was formulated for puppies to assist in supporting normal healthy digestive health. All the herbs are safe and effective for puppies yet powerful enough for older dogs. | Amber NaturalZ, Inc.

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At Amber NaturalZ, we deliver wellness on your terms because we believe that you should never have to compromise health and wellness when it comes to your animals.  Pet care products or animal health products should always be quality products you can trust.  We never use artificial colors or dyes, herbs from GMO seeds, or artificial flavorings.  Every product we make comes from certified premium organic, wildcrafted, kosher, Non-GMO herbs that the earth has provided us.  We do not believe in altering (degrading) our products to make them taste better for a simple sale.  Our products are designed the way Mother Nature intended for our animals in time of caring and need.

We offer a broad selection of carefully manufactured and peer-reviewed pet care products.  All available online and shipped right to your door.  With over 30 products we make it easy for you, the customer, to make a choice you can trust.

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Amber Naturalz Log used to promote Pet Care Products

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