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Get twice the results three times as fast, by adding Vibactra Plus immune support to your order today! Give your pet's immune system a 30-day boost prior to starting the HWF! This will enhance their immunity and get their bodies ready for the natural cleansing process for even better results.
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I started using this about a month ago. My dog is old and I am glad there is an alternative solution that doesn’t have harmful toxins. I will be using this on my next dog too. Great product!
Joy O.
Verified Buyer
I have been using HWF for several months for my 2 rescue dogs. We started with the Vibactra Plus as directed and then gave the HWF. I switched to HWF because of safety concerns of ingredients and have been ordering HWF from you. Very satisfied.
Shirley D.
Verified Buyer
we just started our dogs on the Vibactra Plus & HWF--one for maintenance and one for premium detox. It is week 3 and both are healthy and vibrant. thanks for an alternative to the other harsh stuff.
Verified Buyer