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Where "Your Animal's Health Is Our Concern!"

Why Carry Amber NaturalZ?

Amber NatrualZ, Inc. has been serving the pet industry for 24 years. Our goal is to provide your customer with high quality herbal based products that enrich the lives of pets across the USA. 

Maximum Potency

Unlike other herbal companies, our tinctures are pressed only one time to ensure the best potency for your pet.

Carefully Formulated

Each animal health product is formulated to the ideal concentration for the benefit of the product, resulting in a premium product for maximum support

Amber NaturalZ's Core Values.

Identity Verification

What you see on the label is what's inside every bottle! It's that Simple

Amber Glass Bottle

Plastic bottles can cause harmful toxins and chemicals to leach into herbal extracts. Our extracts come in a sterile amber glass bottle to ensure maximum purity.

Clean Ingredients

We never use artificial colors or dyes, herbs from GMO seeds, or artificial flavorings. Every product we make comes from certified premium organic, wildcrafted, kosher, Non-GMO herbs that the earth has provided us.

Manufactured In The USA

Amber NaturalZ, Inc. products are made with premium ingredients and do not contain harmful chemicals. The herbs in our products are sourced from around the world and made in the USA to ensure quality standards according to the Good Manufacturing Practices.

Ethically Sourced

Amber NaturalZ, Inc. is committed to responsible sourcing of herbs and is subjected to a rigorous series of quality checks and testing.

Amber NaturalZ's History.

Amber NautralZ, Inc. started back in 1997.  At that time, animal health products were hard to find, and most people only had access to traditional health care products. Early in 1996, Cindy (the CEO) had a young dog who became very ill. The vet said, “All we can do is make your puppy comfortable.” In desperation to aid her new puppy, Cindy asked her Mother, Pat (an experienced Master Herbalist), if there was something she can give to help her sick pet. The formula Pat came up with that day not only helped her daughter’s puppy get better but would go on to help hundreds of thousands of pets around the world. Cindy’s dog lived a long healthy life thanks to Pat’s ingenuity and understanding of health and wellbeing; thousands of customers have also experienced Cindy’s success.

We Know What Your Customers Need!

What Customers Think About Amber NaturalZ Products

Amazon Reviews: 700

Paxaid - Digestive Rescue

Manufactured In The USA

Google Shopping Reviews: 307

HWF - Clean Heart

Manufactured In The USA

Amazon Reviews: 1003

Vibactra - Immune Support

Manufactured In The USA

Amazon Reviews: 450

Reptaid - Immune Support

Manufactured In The USA

Amazon Reviews: 250

Hawthorne & Dandelion - Heart Care

Manufactured In The USA

Amazon Reviews: 560

Vibactra Plus - Immune Support +

Manufactured In The USA

100 % Quality Control

We implement cGMP’s to ensure purity and integrity!

Online Reviews

With over 4000 five star peer reviews on the Online Market Place, we know our products work!

Years In Business

For over twenty years we have made “Your Animal’s Health OUR Concern.”

Own a business? Become a reseller!

OR… Perhaps you have more questions? If so keep reading and see our Q&A section for frequently asked questions. 

Reseller questions & answers

Our application can be found on this landing page by clicking the “Join Here” button or, on our contact us page at

No not at all. We have a series of start up packages that are customizable and designed to suit the needs of your store. Our most affordable starter package is $250 which include product as well as product training. 

The reason we use alcohol is a twofold process, the alcohol is a far more superior way to extract the herbal properties from the plants during the tincturing process, allowing for a more potent product. And from there we dilute the product to safe levels of consumption for animals, bottle it, and then once consumed alcohol is quickly absorbed through the blood stream allowing the herbal properties to get into the blood quickly and effectively so the product can start working right away.

No. However, our Paxaid and Vibactra Plus are high in demand. These would be good starters for your store, but you are free to carry any of our products that best fit your customer’s needs.

Yes. We have an online membership for dealers to order directly off our website and get their wholesale pricing. 

We do not offer free shipping as a standard at Amber NaturalZ, however, during certain months we do offer free shipping as part of a monthly special. 

We have products for the following:

  • Birds
  • Canines
  • Felines
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Rabbits
  • Reptiles

Yes. Under our MAP Policy you are allowed to sell Amber NaturalZ, Inc. products on your own personal website. We do not allow resellers to sell our products on the Market Place (Amazon, Walmart, eBay etc..). Doing so will violate our dealer agreement form and will result in your wholesale account with Amber NaturalZ, Inc. to be terminated.  

No. We are currently not accepting any new accounts for Amazon, Walmart, or eBay. 

Benefits of becoming a reseller.

  • Having full access to Animal Health Products. We manufacture over 30 herbal health products for canines, felines, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, and reptiles.
  • We refer customers located in your area to your store
  • We provide customer service for you and your customers to help them choose the best product[s] for their pets.
  • If you do not carry a certain product that we recommended we will have the product shipped to your store or to your customer’s home (drop shipping). 
  • Free training. 

Reseller profit margins


Profit Margin Per Product Sold

1 - 14


15 - 30


31 +


Amber NaturalZ, Inc. A Company You Can Trust!

At Amber NaturalZ, we deliver wellness on your terms because we believe that you should never have to compromise health and wellness when it comes to your animals.  Pet care products or animal health products should always be quality products you can trust.  We never use artificial colors or dyes, herbs from GMO seeds, or artificial flavorings.  Every product we make comes from certified premium organic, wildcrafted, kosher, Non-GMO herbs that the earth has provided us.  We do not believe in altering (degrading) our products to make them taste better for a simple sale.  Our products are designed the way Mother Nature intended for our animals in time of caring and need.

We offer a broad selection of carefully manufactured and peer-reviewed pet care products.  All available online and shipped right to your door.  With over 30 products we make it easy for you, the customer, to make a choice you can trust.

Own a business? Become a reseller!

Where "Your Animal's Health Is Our Concern!"

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