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Why choose ProTummy for your dog?

Supports Digestion

ProTummy is designed for canines that tend to get into EVERYTHING! With herbs that are hand selected to support and aid in digestion, your dogs accidents wont be an issue.

Motion Sickness

Herbs like peppermint, spearmint and garlic help support the stomach to make traveling in the car a breeze! ProTummy is an ideal product for any pet needing a little extra support while traveling this summer.

Promotes Immune Health

The digestion system is responsible for a good portion of our immune response to foreign substance. By adding a digestion support to your canines diet you are helping to promote a healthy immune system.

We know the perfect product for your dog...

1 Bottle = 8 Powerful Ingredients!

Your pets digestion can be unstoppable with our animal health supplement ProTummy! Protect the gut. Super-herbs in one Bottle. Boost total body health. Supercharge your pets digestion.


One word... Strengthening! Echinacea activates various immune functions, stimulates the flow of lymph & helps the body regulate inflammation.

GoldenSeal Root

Among its many uses, goldenseal's primary job in ProTummy is to assist in proper digestion. (we NEVER use powder form)

Oregon Grape Root

Helps to stimulate the liver and bowls to aid in waste removal from the lymphatic system and gut.

Rosehip Fruit

Rosehips is a great source of Vitamin C for immune health. It also has mucilaginous properties that help coat the mucus membranes throughout the digestive tract aiding digestive tissues.

Peppermint Leaf

Its no surprise that peppermint leaf is on this list. This popular herb is known for aiding in digestion & normalizing the stomach.

Spearmint Leaf

With the same properties as peppermint, spearmint brings added digestion support to your pets.


Small amounts of garlic are not toxic to dogs like the amount found in ProTummy. Garlic contains many sulfur compounds which were found to help the body with digestion and gut health.

Hibiscus Flower

High in Vitamin C and antioxidants hibiscus helps the liver and aids in digestion.

ProTummy is Always ...

Worlds Finest Animal Health Supplements - Deliverd to your home!

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It Works So Fast, No Side Effects!

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Highly Recommend ProTummy!


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We’re Different, and... We Like it That Way!

Amber NaturalZ formerly Amber Technology has been serving the pet industry since 1997 and has gone through years of radical transformations.  However, there is one thing that will always stay the same, that animal’s health is our main concern.  Because we know the impact that animals have on our lives today, it’s important to keep them healthy.  That’s why our products will always be quality products people can trust.

The movement we have started gives PEOPLE a choice in their pet’s health.  We make it our mission to give you the BEST nature has to offer.

-Jenny Estrada

Managing Director & Partner