The Perfect Pair

Wondering if natural is the better option for your dog?

When it comes to your dog’s health, you can never be too careful. With so many products and recommendations on the market, it’s hard to know which one is right for you.

So how do you know what option is best?



Amber NaturalZ "Digestive Rescue" -Serving Dogs Since 1997

It’s no secret that great health begins in the digestive system. When a situation arises that needs added support, many products available today only tend to provide temporary support or create residual side-effects.  Amber NaturalZ  Paxaid uses all natural ingredients that work with the body to support it’s natural function. This leads to better results that last. 


  • ✅ A healthy digestive tract
  • ✅ Calming occasional gastric distresses
  • ✅ Maintaining firm stools
  • ✅ Promoting appetite
  • ✅ Supporting gut immunity
  • ✅ Vitality

Amber NaturalZ "Immune Support" -Serving Pets Since 2004

 One of the most effective ways to improve health is to focus on the immune system.  Strengthening and building the body’s natural defense system is the best choice when it comes to overall health. Amber NaturalZ Vibactra Plus provides excellent support without interrupting the healthy balance of bacteria in the gut. This gives your pet the advantage of preserving their immunity for the future, making it even stronger.  


  • ✅ Immune support
  • ✅ Promoting the body’s innate resistance to pathogens
  • ✅ A healthy microbiome essential for balanced immunity
  • ✅ Fight free radicals
  • ✅ Supporting a healthy inflammatory response
  • ✅ Healthy yeast balance

Vibactra Plus

What Makes PAXAID and VIBACTRA PLUS The Perfect Pair?

Good Oral Health

Supporting oral comfort and good hygiene.

Healthy Gut Biome

Protect and support the natural health of your pet's gut without disrupting the growth and function of a healthy gut biome.

Healthy Immune System

The herbs work with the body to support the body's natural way of healing.

Healthy Digestive System

Supporting strong and active digestion from a healthy appetite to firm stools and everything in between.

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Make The Healthy Choice

Amber NaturalZ offers a 90 day money back guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase . 

Hand Picked

All of the ingredients used in our products are carefully selected to provide your pets with the best support possible.
Premium Quality

All of the ingredients used in our products are tested for quality and safe measure.
Completely Natural

Our all natural products are backed by thousands of satisfied customers who choose Amber NaturalZ for a healthier way.

Healthy Pets = Happy Pets

Get Prepared and keep your dog feeling GREAT with Amber NaturalZ Paxaid and Vibactra Plus”The Perfect Pair.”
For all stages of your dog’s life.