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What does HWF do?

HWF for dogs is known for its popularity on the internet. HWF supports the body in a natural way to keep and maintain a clean heart from foreign substances around the heart and in the blood. 

HWF – Clean Heart assist the body in cleansing foreign contaminants from the cardiovascular system. Leaving you with peace of mind to take your dog to the park, hike mountain trails, go to the beach, or walk around the block carefree

Amber NaturalZ goal is to provide your pets with healthy cardiovascular support to assist your pet in shedding all the nasty chemicals that come from man-made substances and environmental stressors. We wanted a solution that will assist and support health without the risk of hurting our loved ones. And that is why HWF has been growing in popularity; people want healthy pets, they want their pets to “ditch the un-natural chemicals” for a natural support to a healthy clean heart and blood. 

What are some of the benefits of HWF?

Clean Heart

Using powerful ingredients HWF supports normal functions of the heart to keep it clean, and strong.

Clean Blood

HWF aids the body in cleaning out impurities commonly found in your pet's blood.

Healthy Immune System

Like most of our products HWF supports the main functions of the immune system, keeping your pet healthy and strong.

We know the perfect product for your dog...

1 Bottle = 8 Powerful Ingredients!

Your pets immune system can be unstoppable with our animal health supplement HWF! Protect the heart. Super-herbs in one Bottle. Boost total body health. Supercharge your pets immunity.

Amazon Vibactra


Contains amazing properties like thymoquinone and thymohydroquinone among others, helping your pet's immune system directly, assisting support wherever needed throughout the body.


Used widely in traditional Chinese medicine for harmonizing actions, soothes and softens the mucous membrane in the respiratory tract and promoting healthy lungs.


Used as a mild diuretic, great for flushing out excess water and removing toxins out of the body.


Helps support heart functions for a healthier heart and promotes proper pH balance helping the body neutralize mild cases of acidity in the blood.


Promotes a healthy heart encourages balanced cholesterol levels with antioxidant activities that protect against free radicals.


Small amounts of garlic are not toxic to dogs like the amount found in HWF. Garlic contains many sulfur compounds which were found to help the body in detoxing, supporting the immune system, and improving circulation.

wood betony


This mild diuretic helps to cleanse the blood from impurities.

Amazon Vibactra


A powerful antioxidant protecting the body from free radicals.

HWF is Always...

Worlds Finest Animal Health Supplements - Delivered To Your Home!

Helps to keep your dog's heart clean from foreign substance.

Contains 8 powerful herbs

HWF toooooo the rescue! Our formula is packed with nutrients that keeps your dog happy all year long!

Supports the Lungs

Licorice Root helps support the functions of the lungs for older canines who may have occasional coughing due to the aging process.

Supports natural detoxing

HWF naturally supports the body cleansing process in waste removal from the blood, heart and lymphatic system.

Our family dog is old and we wanted something that would be safe for his body. We found HWF, and lets just say.... I'am glad there is an alternative solution that doesn’t have harmful toxins! Great product, awesome company.
Shane & Melody J.

The Best Herbs For Your New Best Friend!