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For the safety of your pet(s) we ask all consumers to purchase through authorized resellers only.

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Counterfeit Amazon Resellers

UPDATE:  the only counterfeit product was VIBACTRA.

New Update: as of November 2019 the Counterfeit issue has been resolved.

Months ago, we purchased Vibactra on Amazon through an unauthorized reseller named Pets Unlimited (who recently changed their name to Cuddle Love Pets) and what we found was disturbing.  

After opening the package we noticed that the product was slightly different.  We decided to compare the product we received from Pets Unlimited to the product we manufacture.  We noticed right away that the color on the box was off, especially on the green organic section on the front of the box.  Next, we noticed the height of the box was shorter by ¼ of an inch, the lines in the background were more prominent, the font and font size were different throughout the product box and bottle, and much more.  Please see the pictures below for further details.

Your animal’s health is our concern, while we are working with Amazon and other identities on this matter, we ask that you please do not purchase any of our products through this reseller.  The ingredients are in question at this time as we are currently working with a laboratory to understand what’s inside the bottle.

When purchasing through authorize resellers you are assured that you are receiving a great product from the manufacture.  You and your pet deserves the best.

Thank you.

UPDATE: We have recently sent our Amber NaturalZ Inc. Vibactra, along with the Vibactra Pets Unlimited is selling to a lab to be chemically tested; below are the results of the test. (Top of the photo is Amber NaturalZ, Inc. bottle of Vibactra and the bottom of the photo is Pets Unlimited.)

These two product are NOT the same.