Style Guide

Brand assets and guidelines

Our brand, and how we use it.

This is the Amber NaturalZ,Inc. style guide. Here you’ll read about our lovingly crafted brand, its graphic assets, as well as internal guidelines for using these various resources.

Trademark Guidelines

Amber NatrualZ, Inc. (ANI) owns and oversees the trademarks for Amber Natrual®, For Petz®, and names, logos, and related icons (aka the “Z Mark”).

The goal of these guidelines is to prevent ANI Trade Marks from being used to trick or confuse anyone looking for official Amber NaturalZ® resources, and to clarify how legitimate ANI related businesses and projects can legally use ANI Marks.


We want to encourage legitimate ANI-related products and services, but we reserve the right to take action against anyone who uses any ANI Marks improperly and/or without authorization.

The Details

There are some cases where you can use ANI Marks without asking permission, and some for which our advance permission is required.

You can use ANI Marks without advance permission to:

  • Truthfully describe Amber NatrualZ® products.
  • Report news or information about ANI.
  • Link to our sites.

Whenever you use our marks, please always follow the ANI Style Guide below.

If you’d like to use a ANI Mark for reasons other than those listed above, please ask our permission by contacting us via the handy form at the bottom of this page. We’ll review all requests and grant permission to high-quality projects that further ANI communities. Please note that we do not allow the use of ANI Marks in advertising.

Here are more examples of when you need and don’t need our permission to use a ANI Mark.

You can use a ANI Mark without permission if you want to:

Describe your products or services.

E.g., “We offer consulting services for pets using Amber NatrualZ™ products.”

Refer or link to the official products.

E.g., “We recommend these products available at”

Engage in non-commercial projects that promote the spread of official products.

E.g., Using the ANI logo to advertise a free class featuring our products.

Use “NatrualZ” in a domain name, provided that it is not a reference to Amber NaturalZ or used in a way that suggests an affiliation to ANI.

E.g., may be ok if your site/product has nothing to do with Amber NatrualZ and does not suggest any affiliation to ANI, or selling our products.

You need our permission before using ANI Mark if you want to:

Include it in your company name, logo, or branding.

E.g., “The Amber NatrualZ Consulting Company.”

Use it in any way that suggests a relationship with or endorsement from Amber NaturalZ.

E.g., “Amber NaturalZ™ Plus,” “Amber NaturalZ Consulting,” or “Amber NaturalZ™ Product Bundles.” (“Amber NaturalZ™ Product Bundles for Sale  would be ok.)


The Amber NaturalZ™ logo and logo variations are the property of ANI and the owner retains all rights afforded by US and international Law.

Ask First. Permission from ANI is required to use the Amber NaturalZ™ name or logo as part of or in conjunction with any commercial project, product, service, or event and any domain or company name.

Proceed as you were. You may freely use the Amber NaturalZ™ name or logo for use in non-commercial endeavors as long as there is no attempt to create the appearance of an official relationship or endorsement between the trademark owner and your endeavor. Please disclose these terms at all times.

Right of Refusal. Trademark owner retains the right to revoke permission and use of protected assets at anytime for any reason.

Under penalty of law, you are not allowed to alter, deform, or modify the ANI marks or logo or we will seek legal action against you afforded us by the USA Trade Mark law. 

These are the colors that form the Amber NaturalZ™ brand & website. Below you will find information about each color and how best to use it.

Amber NaturalZ, Inc. Main Color.

Used as main headers and attention headers. Used to distinguish the ANI Brand. Used for all ANI related call-to-action banners.



Used for ‘high priority / call-to-action’ buttons & text links. Works well as contrasting color on purple background.



Subtle background color. Used for table alt rows, inactive buttons and to highlight content blocks on a white background.



Used for all borders and separating elements.



Plenty of whitespace. Less is more.


Amazon Orange

Used for call to action buttons on campaigns for: Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & all social media click adds (Add to cart). 



We use one standard font for headers, sub-headers, body txt, and footnotes. The font we use is Lato. Below are some examples of our fount and font size in various forms.